Three Reasons Why Your AC Needs Seasonal Tune-Ups

May 12, 2023

Making sure your air conditioning system is prepared for the heat and humidity of summer in Newport News, VA, can pay off in improved performance and a higher degree of comfort. At Bennett Air Conditioning, we offer seasonal tune-ups for HVAC systems that ensure cool temperatures inside, even when the mercury rises outdoors. Here are three key reasons to schedule a tune-up for your AC system this year.

Lower Utility Bills

A tune-up can allow your AC system to operate more efficiently. Routine maintenance, including air filter changes, can lower the energy usage of your system. This can translate into lower costs of operation and lower utility bills all summer long.

Fewer Breakdowns

The Indoor Air Quality Association lists fewer AC breakdowns as one of the primary benefits of regular maintenance for your air conditioning system. The right maintenance regimen can keep your AC running smoothly and can even extend the functional life of your system. Scheduling an annual spring check-up can save you time and money on air conditioning repairs when the temperatures rise outside.

Improved Indoor Comfort

A spring tune-up can ensure the most comfortable temperatures indoors for you and your family members. Regular maintenance can improve your indoor air quality, which can help you breathe more easily indoors. This is especially vital for family members who have allergies and respiratory-related illnesses.

Since 1999, Bennett Air Conditioning has served the surrounding communities with reliable HVAC services for homes and businesses alike. We work hard to ensure our customers are the coolest. If you would like more information about our seasonal maintenance visits or other service options, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our family-focused team is ready to help! Whether you need AC repairs, a replacement, or tune-up services, just give us a call!

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