Get Your Home’s Air Cleaner With Indoor Air Quality in Hampton, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Yorktown, VA & Surrounding Areas

Bennett Air Conditioning offers an extensive range of indoor air quality solutions that provide real protection from particulates that can affect the quality and breathability of your indoor air. We can help you create a healthier environment for yourself, your family, and those who work for you in Newport News, Virginia Beach, and Yorktown, VA.

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Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Exposure to particulates and pollutants in the indoor air can trigger allergic responses or asthma attacks in vulnerable individuals. Over time, these same pollutants can increase the risk of certain forms of cancer.

Filters, air cleaners, and air purifiers can effectively trap or destroy these nasty villains and allow you to enjoy the healthiest possible environment. The results will be well worth it, improved health now and in the future and more consistent airflow.

Effective Methods for Improving Indoor Air Quality

The Comfort Consultants at Bennett Air can provide a variety of options for improving your indoor air quality quickly and effectively:

  • High-quality HVAC filters can remove most particulates from the air. Be sure to replace them every couple of months. If you have pets, make it a goal to check them periodically.
  • Air cleaners use a number of filtration systems to remove particles and pollutants.
  • Air purifiers are designed to remove pathogens and trap or destroy them.
  • Dehumidifiers are used in the summer to create more comfortable indoor temperatures.
  • Ventilators reduce indoor pollution by diluting it with outdoor air.
  • One additional tip for improving your IAQ is vacuuming and dusting on a weekly basis.

Allow Bennett Air to Resolve Your Indoor Air Quality Issues

Odd smells, frequent illnesses, dust, and dander are all signs of poor indoor air. At Bennett Air, we can diagnose these underlying causes and deliver solutions that address all your needs and your family’s as well.

To learn more about our long-lasting IAQ product options, reach out to schedule a no-cost estimate today. Our Comfort Consultants will be happy to work with you to find a solution that results in a healthier indoor environment and reduces the number of pollutants in your home or business. More than anything, we care about the comfort of your family and will go above and beyond to ensure your Bennett Air experience is exceptional.