The Homeowner’s Guide to Indoor Air Quality in Yorktown, VA

September 20, 2023

If you usually spend most of your time indoors, it’s important to know what’s circulating in your breathing air. Invisible contaminants pushed through your ducts can worsen your allergies and decrease household comfort. Here’s what you need to know about indoor air quality (IAQ) in Yorktown, VA.

Facts About Indoor Air Quality

Certain pollutants like dander, dust, insects, volatile organic compounds, and gases can build up to unsafe levels in enclosed areas. A lack of ventilation and airflow will worsen these issues and create additional problems with your HVAC’s ability to provide comfort. Perpetual exposure to excessive contaminants can also cause health side effects like headaches, sinus irritation, nosebleeds. and fatigue.

Negative IAQ Factors

Factors like your cleaning habits, local environment, number of pets, and even type of air filters can impact your IAQ. Dangerous gases can accumulate if you use combustion systems like a wood-burning or gas stove, fireplace, or gas furnace. You should also be wary of your cleaning products and aerosols, as well as your cooking and bathing habits that may worsen humidity concerns.

Ways To Boost Your IAQ

Fortunately, you can improve your IAQ by regularly switching out your filters and upgrading to higher-quality options. If you live in a large household with health concerns or have pets, you’ll need to replace your filters more often. Don’t forget to schedule HVAC maintenance once a year to stop grime from accumulating inside your system and ductwork.

Households struggling with perpetual IAQ problems may want to consider more reliable solutions like air purifiers or improved ventilation. Depending on the source of your air quality issue, you could benefit from dehumidifiers or advanced air cleaners.

Protect your home from odd smells, unexplained illnesses, and sleepless nights by guaranteeing healthy and safe air quality. Call Bennett Air Conditioning today to schedule your professional indoor air quality service appointment in Yorktown, VA.

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