4 Common Wintertime Heat Pump Problems in Hampton, VA

November 8, 2023

Winter is one of the seasons when heat pumps are extra-busy. During these colder periods, breakdowns are much more common. In this article, our team will discuss heat pump problems you might encounter during winter in Hampton, VA.

1. Running Constantly

Heat pumps may run continuously when the outdoor temperatures are too low or too high. If you have a variable-speed heat pump, it may run constantly to maintain your preferred temperatures.

However, if your single-stage heat pump constantly runs when temperatures are mild, there may be an underlying problem. A clogged air filter, an undersized heat pump, refrigerant leaks, and dirty evaporator or condenser coils are some of the issues that may make your heat pump run continuously.

Maintenance or repairs can fix all these issues except an undersized heat pump. No kind of repair can make an undersized heat pump work efficiently. The solution is to replace the system with one that matches your home’s needs.

2. Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when a heat pump stops mid-cycle, starts another cycle in less than 10 minutes, and repeats this pattern. Heat pump issues that cause short cycling include a dirty air filter, a dirty outdoor unit, an oversized heat pump, and refrigerant leaks. The components of a short cycling heat pump wear out quickly; hence, attending to a short cycling heat pump as soon as possible is vital.

3. Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Ideally, your heat pump should distribute temperatures evenly in all rooms. If your heat pump cannot meet the temperature needs of all the rooms in your house, allow a technician to inspect it to identify the underlying issue.

4. A Freezing Indoor Environment

Sometimes, your heat pump may fail to warm your house adequately, leaving your family cold and uncomfortable. A faulty reversing valve is among the top causes of this problem. Request a technician to repair the system to restore your family’s comfort.

Don’t let an inefficient heat pump to make your family uncomfortable. Call Bennett Air Conditioning for exceptional heat pump services. Our technicians will strive to take the shortest time possible to restore your family’s comfort.

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