4 Bad Plumbing Habits in Yorktown, VA to Break Today

December 6, 2023

Bad plumbing habits can result in water flow problems and expensive repairs. Fortunately, these habits are avoidable. Below, we will discuss some bad plumbing habits in Yorktown, VA.

1. DIY Plumbing

There are a variety of videos on social media showing people how to repair various plumbing issues by themselves. These videos show how easy plumbing repairs are.

What content creators don’t often show you is the risks associated with DIY plumbing repairs. Attempting to repair your plumbing lines can worsen the damage, resulting in costly damages. You may also take a long time to complete the work.

You need extensive training and the right tools and equipment to repair plumbing issues. Avoid the risks associated with DIY repairs, and seek professional help instead.

2. Misusing Your Garbage Disposal

While you may find it convenient to dispose of everything in your garbage disposal, some substances can create problems when you pour them into the component. For instance, greasy and fatty foods can clog your pipes.

Also, putting hard objects, such as bones, into the garbage disposal can damage its blades. In addition, you will overstrain the disposal’s motor if you pour excessive amounts of food into it. A faulty motor creates problems with the entire system.

3. Rinsing Your Hair Down the Drain

When hair goes down the drain, the strands combine with other substances and form balls. These balls clog the pipes and prevent water from flowing freely.

As water builds up on the pipes, they experience increased strain, which may make them leak or burst. These clogs also allow water to back up in your sink, causing unpleasant odors that interfere with the indoor air quality.

4. Using Chemical Drain Cleaners Excessively

Chemical drain cleaners offer a quick way to unclog your drains without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, if you use these substances too often, they will corrode your pipes.

Refraining from the discussed practices allows your plumbing system to serve you for a long time. Contact Bennett Air Conditioning for exceptional plumbing services whenever you have any plumbing problems. Our team will respond hastily to eliminate the issues.

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