3 Habits That Damage IAQ in Hampton, VA

February 7, 2024

Since you and your family will spend more time indoors during the winter, you need to practice good habits to maintain indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Hampton, VA home. Neglecting to protect your IAQ could leave you with a polluted air supply full of allergens. Fortunately, breaking bad IAQ habits can save you from unpleasant health symptoms and low HVAC efficiency.

1. Forgetting to Change the Air Filter

Protecting your HVAC system’s many components is vital to your home’s safety and comfort. Your air filter, for example, pulls pollutants from the air before they can reach the system. This guards your heat pump, air conditioner or furnace from accumulating issues that require HVAC repairs.

When the filter fills up, more contaminants will sneak into your ductwork and, ultimately, your home. Standard filters need replacing every one to three months, depending on your family. A good rule of thumb is to switch it out if you notice hair building up or a changing material color.

2. Releasing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

You inadvertently release VOCs when using chemical household cleaners, hair spray, candles, etc. These compounds can accumulate to unsafe levels, resulting in unpleasant, stale air and lingering odors. Better filters, as well as other IAQ solutions like ventilation systems, can help to boost the quality of your breathing air.

3. Neglecting Indoor Air Quality Service

Older HVAC systems aren’t as effective at protecting your air quality as newer models. Upgrading your system can make it more compatible with equipment like humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers. Modern whole-home purification systems can remove the majority of airborne pollutants and help with your seasonal and pet allergies.

Your home’s air quality plays a substantial part in how often you clean and the overall comfort of your property. Investing in reliable air quality solutions can provide lasting indoor safety for years. Call Bennett Air Conditioning today to ask about our comprehensive air quality services in Hampton, VA.

Image provided by iStock